What we do.

We are a human-centered business strategy and design consultancy. We help you tackle complex issues related to growth and innovation, taking a holistic view of the people and resources in your company, your market position and the customers you serve. Here are just a few of the ways we can add value for you:

  • Develop effective business strategies.
  • Design and build new products, services and ventures.
  • Put methods in place to foster internal innovation.

Following is a list of questions we can answer through collaboration with you and your customers, as well as the tools and methods we commonly employ to do so.

Questions We Answer
Tools & Methods

Questions are organized into the following 3-step process:

Discover Phase Discover
  • Understand internal knowledge
  • Understand the market.
  • Understand Stakeholders.

Who are the stakeholders and what insights might impact the venture?


What markets should we target and how are they trending?


What needs are unmet in the market today and why?


What competitors are or will be in the market?


What current or future company solutions or technology might be leveraged?


What social, technology and legislative trends might impact our venture?


How large is the opportunity? What sort of bottom-line growth can it provide?

Envision Phase Envision
  • Target market opportunities.
  • Target unmet stakeholder needs.
  • Iteratively devise, prototype, build and test solution concepts.

Which market opportunities should we address?


What is the holistic experience across platforms (holistic experience design)?


What is our go-to-market plan? Can we leverage our current channels?


What is the solution feature roadmap (What functionality should come when)?


What technology components are necessary to deliver the solution?

Build Phase Build
  • Architect the holistic solution platform.
  • Build individual platforms.
  • Launch & measure.

What is the detailed design of each experience platform?


What is the detailed implementation of each experience platform?

Discover Phase Discover
Envision Phase Envision
Build Phase Build

Business Competencies

Opportunity Assessment red-arrow red dot
Competitive Analysis red-arrow red dot
Innovation Workshops red-arrow red dot red dot
Value Proposition Development red-arrow red dot
Channel Design red-arrow red dot
Business Design red-arrow red dot red dot

User Research

Questionnaires red-arrow red dot
Shadowing red-arrow red dot
Participatory Design red-arrow red dot red dot
Usability Testing red-arrow red dot red dot
Customer Profile Development red-arrow red dot

User Experience Design

Touchpoint Analysis red-arrow red dot red dot red dot
Mental Modeling red-arrow red dot
Information Architecture red-arrow red dot
Use-Case Definition red-arrow red dot
Wireframing red-arrow red dot red dot
Prototyping red-arrow red dot red dot red dot

Graphic Design & Branding

Brand Development red-arrow red dot red dot
High-Fidelity Design red-arrow red dot red dot

Engineering Competencies

Holistic Platform Design red-arrow red dot red dot
Multi-OS Application Development red-arrow red dot red dot
Mobile Development- iPhone, iPad and Android red-arrow red dot
HTML5 / Web Development red-arrow red dot red dot
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Business Competencies: Opportunity Assessment
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